Once upon a time, in a city nestled in the hills, a young nerdy gent was going about his business when an idea struck. It was an idea that would send him on a daring quest—a quest to bring delicious, rejuvenating organic coffee to his fellow nerds across the land.

This quest could not be completed alone, however. For the gallant gent knew not just any coffee would do. It had to be the best in the realm, crafted from the finest beans he could find on his journeys to exotic lands. It must then be roasted to perfection, bringing out the fine flavors contained within. And so, he enlisted the help of his brilliant, beautiful bride and faithful comrades to formulate and execute a plan.

And lo, 8-bit Coffee was born.

We here at 8-bit Coffee have always been passionate about the nerdier things in life. From years-long Dungeons & Dragons campaigns to Star Wars geekdom, video game battles, and superhero movie marathons, we thrive in the world of imagination and fantasy.

And let’s face it—fighting fire giants and their hell hounds can really take it out of you. So naturally we also have a deep love of caffeinated beverages. Turns out, when you put the two together, nerd + perfectly roasted organic beans = a coffee experience unlike any other. Not only do you get a rejuvenating energy boost that packs both bold and subtle flavor without loads of sugar, you get a punch in the nostalgia feels with classic 8-bit–style characters and tales of their exploits.

We’ve launched our first four 8-bit characters with plenty more on their way. Stay tuned for more adventures to come.