Have Beans, Will Travel

Okay, so we won’t actually travel to you and deliver your coffee…we’ll leave that in the capable hands of the professionals. What we WILL do is source the best organic beans we can find, have a bearded fellow roast them, and get them delivered to you, fresh, every month.

Our roaster is just down the road from our coffee shop where we’ve been in business for 24 years, serving all manner of coffee lovers, and have built up a loyal following. Tourists have been asking us for years how to get our coffee when they’re back home and now they can with monthly coffee subscriptions or simply ordering a few bags at a time to stock up.

The coffee lasts a million years* when it’s heat sealed so you can order as much as you like whenever you like…but we find most folks prefer to have a set amount auto shipped to their home every month so be sure to check our our subscription levels and pick the one that’s best for you.

*Disclaimer: We have not actually tested to see if the coffee will last a million years.

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