Why Subscription Coffee?


That was a short post wasn’t it? Maybe we should talk about it a little more…

It turns out coffee might actually be the elixir of youth – Ben Searcy

Who is this Ben guy? We don’t know either, but it’s possible he’s right.

So why subscription coffee? Because waking up in the morning to brew your first cup of the day only to realize that you’re out and it’ll be 5 bucks down at the chain store sucks. Because when you’re planning an all nighter shooting aliens in the face and realize your roommate left 2 beans in the tin sucks. Because WHO DOESN’T WANT COFFEE DELIVERED TO THEIR DOOR ON THE REGULAR?

Sorry…got a bit excited there.

Really it’s because coffee makes the world go ’round and we want to make it as convenient for our fellow gamers to get that elixir of youth every morning.

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